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I recently bought a Mac.
Of course I never ever used a mac before, so pretty much the one I have it's my first, and so far I'm loving the whole experience. Especially since I don't have to deal with Vista.

Two minutes ago, I found out that Microsoft is going to force people to move to vista and it's going to pull off the market all copies of XP. Now, this shouldn't be a problem since I have a mac, but at the end it really puts me into trouble because I'm an illustrator and I need to share files from one platform to the other.

I do know that you can share files (PC- MAC, MAC PC) and stuff. The thing here is that uhm, before I bought the MAC, I was working on a PC with windows vista that I borrowed from work. Naturally when I bought my computer I backed up all the info into CDs to later on tranfer the info to the MAC.

I didn't thought I would have any problems trasfering the info. I mean, burning a CD is pretty basic knowledge. I've been doing that for years, right? So I burnt the cds, with Vista OS and bought the new mac.

the problem was that when I wanted to transfer the info from the Cds to the MAC, whenever I introduced the CD, the MAC prompted me with "this cd is blank" or something. Naturally I freaked out. Lucky for me I had an old PC with XP. When I tried to read the cds over there, the computer could read the Cd without any further issues. to make a long story short, I had to re-burn the cds with XP and surprise, surprise the mac could read the info.... o_O

why was this? I was told in the store that I could easily burn cds on a PC (regardless of the OS) and the mac wouldn't have any problems to read the info.

I can't check if I did something wrong through the burning process, because I don't have a PC with vista. So I can't check if it was me who screw the cd and not the OS.

I'm panicking here, because if I buy a new PC, it will have to have vista now. and if I can't share info between computers, then it's going to be pretty useless that I have a PC to cover all my bases in the file sharing area. because some clients have PCs and others have MACs).

CAn anyone explain me why I was experiencing this?

Oh yes, I burnt the Cds on vista with the default program. Since it wasn't my computer I couldn't install Nero or any of those burnt suits. So please help me. I already asked some people but nobody can tell me why that happened to me. I don't know if these Cds I burnt were botched and somehow if I burn other cds with vista Mac will be able to read them. I don't know. So help.

I'm new to this. Thanks :)

Wow, thanks you guys. It seems that the default settings on the vista burning suite was the one messing up the cds, because it left them open somehow, so the mac couldn't recognize them and it read them empty.

Two days ago a friend of mine that has a PC with vista came to my house and burnt some cds for me and the mac could totally read them! she explained me, I had to watch for the default settings. so yay me!
Anyway, I will follow your advice and get an external HD, just to cover all my bases.
Thank u so much! *hugs you all*
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