Another Ravaged Storyteller (netbug009) wrote in win_to_mac,
Another Ravaged Storyteller


Man, I hope this comm is still alive. I need your guys help like woah. xD

So, XP is annoying, Vista downright scares me, and I need a new computer. As much as I'd geek over having a lynix, Adobe does not get along well with it, and that is not gonna work for me as a animation student. So I'm thinking of getting a Mac. If I land my dream job at Pixar someday, I'll be using one anyway, so why not?

But.... well, I've been using PCs since I was, like, a toddler (I kid you not) and I'm starting college, AND I is poor, so this is basically along the lines of buying a house in paranoia. In other words: I need convinced that this is a good idea. So have at it, comm.

Hit me with whatever you got, but I have a few specific questions:

1. Refurbished Macs. Cheaper versions of the same awesome, or a pain in the butt worth an extra $300 to avoid?

2. How nice is Mac's customer service? How good are they at fixing problems if you're under their warranty or AppleCare

3. How durable are Macs against viruses really?

4. Is AppleCare worth it?

5. My wifi router is connected to/matinenced through a Windows system in the other room. Would this cause any problems?
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