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Okay. This feels like the dumbest possible question, but we'll see what y'all think.

How the deuce to you erase CD-RWs? I have not yet figured out how to do this and it is driving me crazy.

Thank you. :)

EDIT: Next dumbest question...I just realized I hadn't updated my iPod's system for a while. But I discovered this evening when I plugged it in that it's still formatted with Windows. I have it paired to my new MacBook, and it syncs with the iTunes library there just fine...but I'm wondering if I have to do a reset in order for this to work properly with the Mac system.
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Under the Utilities folder in the Applications, double click on Disk Utility and highlight the cd in the left column and then click on erase and wahla! an erased cd!! :)


April 29 2007, 05:45:46 UTC 9 years ago

I hope this helps!