Justin (wolfiepuppy) wrote in win_to_mac,

lappy sell

Hi people.

I have two powerbook G4s, both 12 inch models, one slightly older then the other.

I need money to support my recent move, so I'm going to sell the old one.

Specs are as follows:

1.0Ghz PowerPC G4
786MB DDR333 RAM
60GB 5400 RPM HD
32MB Geforce FX 5200 Go

It's in almost perfect condition, no scratches or dents, screen is bright and flawless with no dead pixels. It will come with a fresh install of OSX 10.4 tiger, fully set up and updated, Adobe Photoshop CS, iLife 06, and UT2004.

If anyone is interested, email me an offer at xcxeon@gmail.com.
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