"Happiness is your own responsibility." (dame_n_doortune) wrote in win_to_mac,
"Happiness is your own responsibility."

My Mac keeps restarting by itself. How do I fix it and back up my stuff?

It just started yesterday, randomly, I'd hear the sound of it turning on at it must have happened like 3 times in the morning. It varies.

Now it's happening a lot more. URGH.

So is there any way to find out wtf is going on, to delete stuff on my computer that is suspect or I no longer use? I need it to be simplified.... I am a complete novice with computer stuff.

Also, I now have an external hard drive. How can I make sure I save everything I want on it - is there a way to make sure you have every image, document, video, etc? Will I need to save programs on there too?

And how do I save bookmarks on my firefox just in case?

Help me save my computer! It's a 10.6.8 and I've had it for a few years... but I believe it's savable.

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