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Recording video

Hello, I've been a mac user for over 2-3 years now but I have to admitt that even when I have loved the experience, i haven't found some of the answers I'm looking for regarding some of the things I used to do (or in any case know that could be done on a PC) with my MAC.

My question is the following:

I'm an illustrator so basically I'm looking for a way to record what I'm painting in PS or Painter.
I never did it on PC but as far as I knew, it could be done with windows media right?
In any case I don't know how to do it in a MAC and I really need to know how as my boss is asking me to record the painting process for a tutorial.

Here's what I want to do , here is the link for a youtube video. It's a recording of a painting process.
I'm kind of hoping I can do that with my mac, because otherwise I'm pretty much screwed.
thanks in advance!
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